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Vegas Starpower Vol. 2 DVD Papa Bear

Published by Elvis DVD Gold in DVD · 25/6/2017 10:45:00
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Vegas Starpower Vol. 2 DVD Papa Bear

Complete August 12, 1970 Dinner Show including That´s All Right & I Got A Woman
2 DVD-Set with bonus footage

Perhaps the funniest concert Elvis ever gave. The jokes start from the very beginning with Elvis walking onto stage late and singing lines of Love Me Tender during the opening theme. However, every song is performed to a very high standard and the joking doesn’t ruin any of the songs. No sub-par performances of any song. Even the short Blue Suede Shoes is 50 seconds of high quality. This is in fact the longest of the 6 TTWII shows, probably due to the walk he does through the audience during Love Me Tender. Elvis is really going for it in his singing – just listen to the climax of I Got A Woman and the ending of Can’t Help Falling In Love. This concert alone in full would have made a fantastic movie and represents the very best of Elvis in August 1970.

Top 5 performances – I Got A Woman, I’ve Lost You, Patch It Up, Twenty Days and Twenty Nights and You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.

Funniest Jokes – “It ain’t no big thing just drinking water, Charlie, you don’t have to stand there staring at me like that”, “Give me an E, a G, an F or a D or a B Flat minor + 1”, the infamous microphone problems, “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it up to the balcony but it would have taken us another hour; I don’t mind but they want you out in the casino”, “I have a new record that just came out about 10 years ago”, “We were supposed to learn 50 songs; we only learned 5”, “I’d like to introduce the members of my group... Charlie, this is Jerry... that’s it man...ok next song!”, “Young man on the piano; he arranged a lot of the songs for me tonight... he arranged the first one I did, Ave Maria, and he did The Lord’s Prayer for me and... I know the songs; would you just keep quiet for a minute, man,... [imitation of Charlie Hodge] he’s like a little devil on your shoulders”, “There goes the Gatorade... why don’t you pick it up Charlie; don’t just stand there looking at it”, “Somebody told me before I came on stage that the Vietnamese army was in the balcony... I don’t know, I just hear these rumours... I just work here”.


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