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Memories Of Elvis: A Lasting Tribute To The King Of Rock 'N' Roll CD

Published by Elvis CD Collectors Gold in CD · 16/8/2019 09:48:00
Tags: ElvisCD
Memories Of Elvis: A Lasting Tribute To The King Of Rock 'N' Roll
Very Rare
3 CD-Set

1/1\tElvis Presley-\tOne Broken Heart For Sale\t
1/2\tElvis Presley-\tYoung And Beautiful\t
1/3\tElvis Presley-\tA Mess Of Blues\t
1/4\tElvis Presley-\tThe Next Step Is Love\t
1/5\tElvis Presley-\tI Gotta Know\t
1/6\tElvis Presley-\tLove Letters\t
2/1\tElvis Presley-\tWhen My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again\t
2/2\tElvis Presley-\tIf Everyday Was Like Christmas\t
2/3\tElvis Presley-\tSteamroller Blues\t
2/4\tElvis Presley-\tAnyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)\t
2/5\tElvis Presley-\t(Such An) Easy Question\t
2/6\tElvis Presley-\tThat's When Your Heartaches Begin\t
3/1\tElvis Presley-\tKentucky Rain\t
3/2\tElvis Presley-\tMoney Honey\t
3/3\tElvis Presley-\tMy Way\t
3/4\tElvis Presley-\tGirls, Girls, Girls\t
3/5\tElvis Presley-\tLonely Man\t
3/6\tElvis Presley-\tU.S. Male\t
4/1\tElvis Presley-\tMy Wish Came True\t
4/2\tElvis Presley-\tKiss Me Quick\t
4/3\tElvis Presley-\tAs Long As I Have You\t
4/4\tElvis Presley-\tBossa Nova Baby\t
4/5\tElvis Presley-\tI Forgot To Remember To Forget\t
4/6\tElvis Presley-\tSuch A Night\t
5/1\tElvis Presley-\tI Really Don't Want To Know\t
5/2\tElvis Presley-\tDoncha Think It's Time?\t
5/3\tElvis Presley-\tHis Hand In Mine\t
5/4\tElvis Presley-\tThat's All Right\t
5/5\tElvis Presley-\tNothingville (Medley)\t
5/6\tElvis Presley-\tBaby, I Don't Care (You're So Square)\t
6/1\tElvis Presley-\tPlaying For Keeps\t
6/2\tElvis Presley-\tKing Of The Whole Wide World\t
6/3\tElvis Presley-\tDon't Ask Me Why\t
6/4\tElvis Presley-\tFlaming Star\t
6/5\tElvis Presley-\tI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone\t
6/6\tElvis Presley-\tWhat'd I Say?\t
1/1\tElvis Presley-\tThere Goes My Everything\t
1/2\tElvis Presley-\tPatch It Up\t
1/3\tElvis Presley-\tReconsider Baby\t
1/4\tElvis Presley-\tGood Rockin' Tonight\t
1/5\tElvis Presley-\tYou Gave Me A Mountain\t
1/6\tElvis Presley-\tRock-A-Hula Baby\t
1/1\tElvis Presley-\tMean Woman Blues\t
1/2\tElvis Presley-\tIt Hurts Me\t
1/3\tElvis Presley-\tFever\t
1/4\tElvis Presley-\tI Want To Be Free\t
1/5\tElvis Presley-\tViva Las Vegas\t
1/6\tElvis Presley-\tOld Shep\t
1/1\tElvis Presley-\tAnything That's Part Of You\t
1/2\tElvis Presley-\tMy Baby Left Me\t
1/3\tElvis Presley-\tWild In The Country\t
1/4\tElvis Presley-\tMemphis, Tennessee\t
1/5\tElvis Presley-\tDon't Leave Me Now\t
1/6\tElvis Presley-\tI Feel So Bad\t
1/1\tElvis Presley-\tSeparate Ways\t
1/2\tElvis Presley-\tPolk Salad Annie\t
1/3\tElvis Presley-\tFame And Fortune\t
1/4\tElvis Presley-\tTrying To Get To You\t
1/5\tElvis Presley-\tI've Lost You\t
1/6\tElvis Presley-\tKing Creole

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