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Published by Elvis CD Collectors Gold in CD · 9/11/2016 10:51:00

Elvis Presley
01-01\tBlue Suede Shoes\t1:58
01-02\tI'm Counting On You\t2:21
01-03\tI Got A Woman\t2:22
01-04\tOne-Sided Love Affair\t2:10
01-05\tI Love You Because\t2:39
01-06\tJust Because\t2:32
01-07\tTutti Frutti\t1:57
01-08\tTryin' To Get To You\t2:31
01-09\tI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)\t2:01
01-10\tI'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')\t2:21
01-11\tBlue Moon\t2:39
01-12\tMoney Honey\t2:32
02-01\tRip It Up\t1:50
02-02\tLove Me\t2:41
02-03\tWhen My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again\t2:18
02-04\tLong Tall Sally\t1:51
02-05\tFirst In Line\t3:21
02-07\tSo Glad You're Mine\t2:18
02-08\tOld Shep\t4:10
02-09\tReady Teddy\t1:55
02-10\tAnyplace Is Paradise\t2:26
02-11\tHow's The World Treating You\t2:23
02-12\tHow Do You Think I Feel\t2:10
Loving You
03-01\tMean Woman Blues\t2:12
03-02\t(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear\t1:48
03-03\tLoving You\t2:15
03-04\tGot A Lot O' Livin' To Do\t2:33
03-05\tLonesome Cowboy\t3:03
03-06\tHot Dog\t1:12
03-08\tBlueberry Hill\t2:40
03-09\tTrue Love\t2:10
03-10\tDon't Leave Me Now\t1:59
03-11\tHave I Told You Lately (That I Love You)\t2:31
03-12\tI Need You So\t2:40
Elvis' Christmas Album
04-01\tSanta Claus Is Back In Town\t2:22
04-02\tWhite Christmas\t2:44
04-03\tHere Comes Santa Claus\t1:56
04-04\tI'll Be Home For Christmas\t1:55
04-05\tBlue Christmas\t2:09
04-06\tSanta Bring My Baby Back To Me\t1:54
04-07\tOh Little Town Of Bethlehem\t2:36
04-08\tSilent Night\t2:26
04-09\tPeace In The Valley\t3:23
04-10\tI Believe\t2:05
04-11\tTake My Hand, Precious Lord\t3:19
04-12\tIt Is No Secret\t3:59
Elvis' Golden Records
05-01\tHound Dog\t2:13
05-02\tLoving You\t2:16
05-03\tAll Shook Up\t1:58
05-04\tHeartbreak Hotel\t2:07
05-05\tJailhouse Rock\t2:30
05-06\tLove Me\t2:42
05-07\tToo Much\t2:33
05-08\tDon't Be Cruel\t2:02
05-09\tThat's When Your Heartaches Begin\t3:23
05-10\t(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear\t1:48
05-11\tLove Me Tender\t2:45
05-12\tTreat Me Nice\t2:10
05-13\tAnyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)\t2:14
05-14\tI Want You, I Need You, I Love You\t2:38
King Creole
06-01\tKing Creole\t2:07
06-02\tAs Long As I Have You\t1:50
06-03\tHard Headed Woman\t1:53
06-05\tDixieland Rock\t1:47
06-06\tDon't Ask Me Why\t2:06
06-07\tLover Doll\t2:10
06-09\tYoung Dreams\t2:21
06-10\tSteadfast, Loyal And True\t1:17
06-11\tNew Orleans\t2:00
For LP Fans Only
07-01\tThats All Right\t1:55
07-02\tLawdy Miss Clawdy\t2:09
07-03\tMystery Train\t2:28
07-04\tPlaying For Keeps\t2:51
07-05\tPoor Boy\t2:12
07-06\tMoney Honey\t2:35
07-07\tI'm Counting On You\t2:23
07-08\tMy Baby Left Me\t2:10
07-09\tI Was The One\t2:28
07-10\tShake, Rattle And Roll\t2:28
07-11\tI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone\t2:36
07-12\tYou're A Heartbreaker\t2:10
07-13\tTryin' To Get To You\t2:31
07-14\tBlue Suede Shoes\t1:59
A Date With Elvis
08-01\tBlue Moon Of Kentucky\t2:03
08-02\tMilkcow Blues Boogie\t2:38
08-03\tBaby Lets Play House\t2:15
08-04\tI Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine\t2:27
08-05\tTutti Frutti\t1:58
08-06\tI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)\t2:02
08-07\tI Got A Woman\t2:23
08-08\tGood Rockin' Tonight\t2:12
08-09\tIs It So Strange\t2:27
08-10\tWe're Gonna Move\t2:27
08-11\tBlue Moon\t2:31
08-12\tJust Because\t2:32
08-13\tOne-Sided Love Affair\t2:10
08-14\tLet Me\t2:08
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong - Elvis' Golden Records - Volume 2
09-01\tA Big Hunk O' Love\t2:14
09-02\tMy Wish Came True\t2:35
09-03\tA Fool Such As I\t2:31
09-04\tI Need Your Love Tonight\t2:06
09-06\tI Beg Of You\t1:55
09-07\tSanta Bring My Baby Back To Me\t1:54
09-10\tOne Night\t2:34
09-11\tI Got Stung\t1:51
09-12\tKing Creole\t2:07
09-13\tWear My Ring Around Your Neck\t2:15
09-14\tDoncha Think It's Time\t1:56
Elvis Is Back !
10-01\tMake Me Know It\t2:02
10-03\tThe Girl Of My Best Friend\t2:19
10-04\tI Will Be Home Again\t2:33
10-05\tDirty, Dirty Feeling\t1:32
10-06\tThrill Of Your Love\t3:00
10-07\tSoldier Boy\t3:04
10-08\tSuch A Night\t2:58
10-09\tIt Feels So Right\t2:08
10-10\tThe Girl Next Door Went A'Walking\t2:12
10-11\tLike A Baby\t2:39
10-12\tReconsider Baby\t3:38
Flaming Star / Wild In The Country / Follow That Dream
11-01\tFlaming Star\t2:25
11-02\tSummer Kisses Winter Tears\t2:19
11-04\tA Cane And A High Starched Collar\t1:46
11-05\tBlack Star\t2:30
11-06\tSummer Kisses Winter Tears (Movie Version)\t1:31
11-07\tFlaming Star (End Title Version)\t0:29
11-08\tWild In The Country\t1:52
11-09\tI Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell\t1:34
11-10\tLonely Man\t2:43
11-11\tIn My Way\t1:21
11-12\tForget Me Never\t1:36
11-13\tLonely Man (Solo)\t2:00
11-14\tI Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (Alternate Master)\t1:36
11-15\tFollow That Dream\t1:37
11-17\tWhat A Wonderful Life\t2:26
11-18\tI'm Not The Marrying Kind\t1:50
11-19\tA Whistling Tune\t2:12
11-20\tSound Advice\t1:46
12-01\tTonight Is So Right For Love\t2:13
12-02\tWhat's She Really Like\t2:18
12-03\tFrankfort Special\t2:56
12-04\tWooden Heart\t2:03
12-06\tPocketful Of Rainbows\t2:35
12-07\tShoppin' Around\t2:24
12-08\tBig Boots\t1:32
12-09\tDidja' Ever\t2:37
12-10\tBlue Suede Shoes\t2:06
12-11\tDoin' The Best I Can\t3:12
12-12\tTonight's Alright For Love\t1:21
His Hand In Mine By Elvis
13-01\tHis Hand In Mine\t3:12
13-02\t(I'm) Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs\t1:49
13-03\tIn My Father's House\t2:00
13-04\tMilky White Way\t2:10
13-05\tKnown Only To Him\t2:05
13-06\tI Believe In The Man In The Sky\t2:08
13-07\tJoshua Fit The Battle\t2:37
13-08\tHe Knows Just What I Need\t2:08
13-09\tSwing Down Sweet Chariot\t2:29
13-10\tMansion Over The Hilltop\t2:53
13-11\tIf We Never Meet Again\t1:55
13-12\tWorking On The Building\t1:49
13-13\tIt Is No Secret\t3:54
13-14\tYou'll Never Walk Alone\t3:19
13-15\tWho Am I\t3:20
Something For Everybody
14-01\tThere's Always Me\t2:15
14-02\tGive Me The Right\t2:32
14-03\tIt's A Sin\t2:41
14-04\tSentimental Me\t2:31
14-05\tStarting Today\t2:03
14-07\tI'm Comin' Home\t2:19
14-08\tIn Your Arms\t1:50
14-09\tPut The Blame On Me\t1:56
14-11\tI Want You With Me\t2:11
14-12\tI Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell\t1:36
Blue Hawaii
15-01\tBlue Hawaii\t2:36
15-02\tAlmost Always True\t2:22
15-03\tAloha Oe\t1:54
15-04\tNo More\t2:23
15-05\tCan't Help Falling In Love\t3:02
15-06\tRock-A-Hula Baby\t2:00
15-07\tMoonlight Swim\t2:19
15-09\tIto Eats\t1:24
15-10\tSlicin' Sand\t1:36
15-11\tHawaiian Sunset\t2:34
15-12\tBeach Boy Blues\t2:04
15-13\tIsland Of Love\t2:39
15-14\tHawaiian Wedding Song\t2:51
Pot Luck
16-01\tKiss Me Quick\t2:46
16-02\tJust For Old Time Sake\t2:07
16-03\tGonna Get Back Home Somehow\t2:28
16-04\t(Such An) Easy Question\t2:19
16-05\tSteppin' Out Of Line\t1:51
16-06\tI'm Yours\t2:20
16-07\tSomething Blue\t2:56
16-09\tI Feel That I've Known You Forever\t1:38
16-10\tNight Rider\t2:07
16-11\tFountain Of Love\t2:13
16-12\tThat's Someone You Never Forget\t2:48
Kid Galahad / Girls! Girls! Girls!
17-01\tKing Of The Whole Wide World\t2:44
17-02\tThis Is Living\t1:43
17-03\tRiding The Rainbow\t1:37
17-04\tHome Is Where The Heart Is\t2:32
17-05\tI Got Lucky\t2:10
17-06\tA Whistling Tune\t3:17
17-07\tGirls! Girls! Girls!\t2:30
17-08\tI Don't Wanna Be Tied\t2:04
17-09\tWhere Do You Come From\t2:05
17-10\tI Don't Want To\t2:38
17-11\tWe'll Be Together\t2:15
17-12\tA Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You\t2:10
17-13\tEarth Boy\t2:20
17-14\tReturn To Sender\t2:06
17-15\tBecause Of Love\t2:30
17-16\tThanks To The Rolling Sea\t1:36
17-17\tSong Of The Shrimp\t2:19
17-18\tThe Walls Have Ears\t2:30
17-19\tWe're Coming In Loaded\t1:29
17-21\tPlantation Rock\t1:49
17-22\tDainty Little Moonbeams\t0:47
17-23\tGirls! Girls! Girls! (End Title Version)\t0:52
It Happened At The World's Fair / Fun In Acapulco
18-01\tBeyond The Bend\t1:50
18-03\tTake Me To The Fair\t1:34
18-04\tThey Remind Me Too Much Of You\t2:30
18-05\tOne Broken Heart For Sale (Film Version)\t2:23
18-06\tI'm Falling In Love Tonight\t1:39
18-07\tCotton Candy Land\t1:33
18-08\tA World Of Our Own\t2:14
18-09\tHow Would You Like To Be\t3:26
18-10\tHappy Ending\t2:08
18-11\tOne Broken Heart For Sale\t1:45
18-12\tFun In Acapulco\t2:28
18-13\tVina, Dinero Y Amor\t1:53
18-15\tEl Toro\t2:41
18-17\tThe Bullfighter Was A Lady\t2:02
18-18\t(There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car\t1:51
18-19\tI Think I'm Gonna Like It Here\t2:51
18-20\tBossa Nova Baby\t2:01
18-21\tYou Can't Say No In Acapulco\t1:52
Elvis' Golden Records - Volume 3
19-01\tIt's Now Or Never\t3:12
19-02\tStuck On You\t2:17
19-03\tFame And Fortune\t2:29
19-04\tI Gotta Know\t2:14
19-06\tI Feel So Bad\t2:54
19-07\tAre You Lonesome Tonight ?\t3:07
19-08\t(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame\t2:06
19-09\tLittle Sister\t2:30
19-10\tGood Luck Charm\t2:23
19-11\tAnything That's Part Of You\t2:03
19-12\tShe's Not You\t2:07
Kissin' Cousins / Clambake / Stay Away, Joe
20-01\tKissin' Cousins (Number 2)\t1:14
20-02\tSmokey Mountain Boy\t2:36
20-03\tThere's Gold In The Mountains\t1:53
20-04\tOne Boy Two Little Girls\t2:31
20-05\tCatchin' On Fast\t1:20
20-06\tTender Feeling\t2:32
20-07\tAnyone (Could Fall In Love With You)\t2:28
20-08\tBarefoot Ballad\t2:25
20-09\tOnce Is Enough\t2:16
20-10\tKissin' Cousins\t2:12
20-12\tWho Needs Money\t3:14
20-13\tA House That Has Everything\t2:12
20-15\tHey, Hey, Hey\t2:29
20-16\tYou Don't Know Me (Original Film Version)\t2:12
20-17\tThe Girl I Never Loved\t1:51
20-18\tHow Can You Lose What You Never Had\t2:25
20-19\tClambake (Reprise)\t0:21
20-20\tStay Away, Joe\t1:37
20-22\tAll I Needed Was The Rain\t1:48
20-23\tGoin' Home\t2:27
20-24\tStay Away\t2:21
Love In Las Vegas / Roustabout
21-01\tViva Las Vegas\t2:20
21-02\tIf You Think I Don't Need You\t2:03
21-03\tI Need Somebody To Lean On\t2:50
21-04\tYou're The Boss
Featuring – Ann-Margret*
21-05\tWhat'd I Say\t3:01
21-06\tDo The Vega\t2:22
21-07\tC'mon Everybody\t2:16
21-08\tThe Lady Loves Me
Vocals [Featuring] – Ann-Margret*
21-09\tNight Life\t1:50
21-10\tToday, Tomorrow And Forever\t3:22
21-11\tThe Yellow Rose Of Texas / The Eyes Of Texas (Medley)\t2:46
21-12\tSanta Lucia (Traditional)\t1:10
21-14\tLittle Egypt\t2:15
21-15\tPoison Ivy League\t2:02
21-16\tHard Knocks\t1:42
21-17\tIt's A Wonderful World\t1:48
21-18\tBig Love Big Heartache\t1:57
21-19\tOne Track Heart\t2:15
21-20\tIt's Carnival Time\t1:32
21-21\tCarny Town\t1:19
21-22\tThere's A Brand New Day On The Horizon\t2:00
21-23\tWheels On My Heels\t1:19
Girl Happy / Harem Holiday
22-01\tHarem Holiday\t2:18
22-02\tMy Desert Serenade\t1:47
22-03\tGo East - Young Man\t2:16
22-06\tShake That Tambourine\t2:02
22-07\tHey Little Girl\t2:15
22-08\tGolden Cains\t1:54
22-09\tSo Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise)\t3:01
22-10\tAnimal Instinct\t2:13
22-11\tWisdom Of The Ages\t1:55
22-12\tGirl Happy\t2:07
22-13\tSpring Fever\t1:52
22-14\tFort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce\t1:32
22-15\tStartin' Tonight\t1:19
22-16\tWolf Call\t1:26
22-17\tDo Not Disturb\t1:52
22-18\tCross My Heart And Hope To Die\t1:55
22-19\tThe Meanest Girl In Town\t1:55
22-20\tDo The Clam\t3:19
22-21\tPuppet On A String\t2:39
22-22\tI've Got To Find My Baby\t1:35
Elvis For Everyone !
23-01\tYour Cheatin' Heart\t2:24
23-02\tSummer Kisses Winter Tears\t2:19
23-03\tFinders Keepers, Losers Weepers\t1:50
23-04\tIn My Way\t1:21
23-05\tTomorrow Night\t2:38
23-06\tMemphis, Tennessee\t2:11
23-07\tFor The Millionth And The Last Time\t2:06
23-08\tForget Me Never\t1:32
23-09\tSound Advice\t1:46
23-10\tSanta Lucia (Traditional)\t1:22
23-11\tI Met Her Today\t2:42
23-12\tWhen It Rains, It Really Pours\t1:48
Frankie And Johnny / Paradise, Hawaiian Style
24-01\tFrankie And Johnny\t2:23
24-02\tCome Along\t1:52
24-03\tPetunia, The Gardener's Daughter\t2:58
24-05\tWhat Every Woman Lives For\t2:25
24-06\tLook Out, Broadway\t1:39
24-07\tBeginner's Luck\t2:32
24-08\tDown By The Riverside And When The Saints Go Marching In\t1:55
24-09\tShout It Out\t2:16
24-10\tHard Luck\t2:50
24-11\tPlease Don't Stop Loving Me\t2:02
24-12\tEverybody Come Aboard\t1:49
24-13\tParadise, Hawaiian Style\t2:37
24-14\tQueenie Wahine's Papaya\t1:33
24-15\tScratch My Back\t2:12
24-16\tDrums Of The Islands\t2:33
24-18\tA Dog's Life\t1:58
24-19\tHouse Of Sand\t2:03
24-20\tStop Where You Are\t2:04
24-21\tThis Is My Heaven\t2:34
24-22\tSand Castles\t2:58
Spinout / Double Trouble
25-01\tStop, Look And Listen\t1:29
25-02\tAdam And Evil\t1:52
25-03\tAll That I Am\t2:15
25-04\tNever Say Yes\t1:51
25-05\tAm I Ready\t2:23
25-06\tBeach Shock\t1:46
25-09\tI'll Be Back\t2:02
25-10\tDouble Trouble\t1:38
25-11\tBaby, If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love\t1:47
25-12\tCould I Fall In Love\t1:42
25-13\tLong Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)\t1:27
25-14\tCity By Night\t3:04
25-15\tOld MacDonald\t2:04
25-16\tI Love Only One Girl\t1:52
25-17\tThere Is So Much World To See\t1:53
25-18\tIt Won't Be Long\t1:44
Easy Come, Easy Go / Speedway
26-01\tEasy Come, Easy Go\t2:18
26-02\tThe Love Machine\t2:49
26-03\tYoga Is As Yoga Does\t2:09
26-04\tYou Gotta Stop\t2:16
26-05\tSing You Children\t2:12
26-06\tI'll Take Love\t2:15
26-07\tShe's A Machine\t1:36
26-08\tThe Love Machine (Alternate Take 11)\t2:28
26-09\tSing You Children (Alternate Take 1)\t2:27
26-10\tShe's A Machine (Alternate Take 13)\t1:38
26-11\tSuppose (Alternate Master)\t3:01
26-13\tThere Ain't Nothing Like A Song\t2:08
26-14\tYour Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby\t1:51
26-15\tWho Are You (Who Am I ?)\t2:32
26-16\tHe's Your Uncle Not Your Dad\t2:27
26-17\tLet Yourself Go\t2:59
26-18\tFive Sleepy Heads\t1:29
26-20\tYour Groovy Self
Vocals [Featuring] – Nancy Sinatra
How Greath Thou Art
27-01\tHow Great Thou Art\t3:05
27-02\tIn The Garden\t3:13
27-03\tSomebody Bigger Than You And I\t2:30
27-04\tFarther Along\t4:08
27-05\tStand By Me\t2:31
27-06\tWithout Him\t2:31
27-07\tSo High\t1:59
27-08\tWhere Could I Go But To The Lord\t3:41
27-09\tBy And By\t1:53
27-10\tIf The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side\t1:40
27-11\tRun On\t2:26
27-12\tWhere No One Stands Alone\t2:47
27-13\tCrying In The Chapel\t2:27
Elvis' Gold Records - Volume 4
28-01\tLove Letters\t2:48
28-03\tIt Hurts Me\t2:27
28-04\tWhat'd I Say\t3:02
28-05\tPlease Don't Drag That String Around\t1:53
28-06\tIndescribably Blue\t2:47
28-07\tYou're The Devil In Disguise\t2:19
28-08\tLonely Man\t2:44
28-09\tA Mess Of Blues\t2:39
28-10\tAsk Me\t2:06
28-11\tAin't That Loving You Baby\t2:22
28-12\tJust Tell Her Jim Said Hello\t1:57
Live A Little, Love A Little / Charro! / The Trouble With Girls / Change Of Habit
29-01\tAlmost In Love\t3:02
29-02\tA Little Less Conversation\t2:10
29-03\tWonderful World\t2:22
29-04\tEdge Of Reality\t3:33
29-05\tA Little Less Conversation (Album Version)\t2:12
29-07\tLet's Forget About The Stars\t2:19
29-08\tClean Up Your Own Backyard\t3:07
29-09\tSwing Down, Sweet Chariot\t2:14
29-10\tSigns Of The Zodiac\t2:18
29-12\tThe Whiffenpoof Song\t0:30
29-14\tClean Up Your Own Backyard (Undubbed Version)\t3:07
29-15\tAlmost (Undubbed Version)\t1:48
29-16\tHave A Happy\t2:21
29-17\tLet's Be Friends\t2:42
29-18\tChange Of Habit\t3:18
29-19\tLet Us Pray\t3:00
Elvis NBC TV Special
30-01\tTrouble / Guitar Man\t3:28
30-02\tLawdy Miss Clawdy / Baby, What You Want Me To Do\t3:34
30-03\tHeartbreak Hotel / Hound Dog / All Shook Up / Can't Help Falling In Love / Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel / Blue Suede Shoes / Love Me Tender\t14:16
30-04\tWhere Could I Go But To The Lord / Up Above My Head / Saved\t7:32
30-05\tBaby, What You Want Me To Do / That's All Right / Blue Christmas / One Night / Tiger Man / Trying To Get To You\t15:51
30-07\tNothingville / Big Boss Man / Let Yourself Go / It Hurts Me / Guitar Man / Little Egypt / Trouble / Guitar Man\t11:48
30-08\tIf I Can Dream\t3:20
From Elvis In Memphis
31-01\tWearin' That Loved On Look\t2:46
31-02\tOnly The Strong Survive\t2:41
31-03\tI'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)\t4:34
31-04\tLong Black Limousine\t3:43
31-05\tIt Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'\t2:38
31-06\tI'm Movin' On\t2:53
31-07\tPower Of My Love\t2:38
31-08\tGentle On My Mind\t3:24
31-09\tAfter Loving You\t3:09
31-10\tTrue Love Travels On A Gravel Road\t2:39
31-11\tAny Day Now\t3:02
31-12\tIn The Ghetto\t2:48
In Person
32-01\tBlue Suede Shoes\t1:55
32-02\tJohnny B. Goode\t2:08
32-03\tAll Shook Up\t1:41
32-04\tAre You Lonesome Tonight ?\t3:13
32-05\tHound Dog\t2:08
32-06\tI Can't Stop Loving You\t2:49
32-07\tMy Babe\t3:06
32-08\tMystery Train / Tiger Man (Medley)\t3:19
32-10\tIn The Ghetto\t2:51
32-11\tSuspicious Minds\t7:30
32-12\tCan't Help Falling In Love\t2:53
Back In Memphis
33-01\tInherit The Wind\t3:00
33-02\tThis Is The Story\t2:31
33-03\tStranger In My Own Home Town\t4:24
33-04\tA Little Bit Of Green\t3:24
33-05\tAnd The Grass Won't Pay Me No Mind\t3:11
33-06\tDo You Know Who Am I ?\t2:50
33-07\tFrom A Jack To A King\t2:26
33-08\tThe Fair's Moving On\t3:11
33-09\tYou'll Think Of Me\t4:02
33-10\tWithout Love (There Is Nothing)\t2:54
On Stage
34-02\tRelease Me (And Let Me Love Again)\t3:42
34-03\tSweet Caroline\t2:55
34-05\tThe Wonder Of You\t3:11
34-06\tPolk Salad Annie\t4:40
34-08\tProud Mary\t3:10
34-09\tWalk A Mile In My Shoes\t3:16
34-10\tLet It Be Me (Je T'Appartiens)\t4:29
That's The Way It Is
35-01\tI Just Can't Help Believin'\t4:25
35-02\tTwenty Days And Twenty Nights\t3:15
35-03\tHow The Web Was Woven\t3:25
35-04\tPatch It Up\t3:51
35-05\tMary In The Morning\t4:10
35-06\tYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me\t2:29
35-07\tYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'\t4:20
35-08\tI've Lost You\t3:30
35-09\tJust Pretend\t4:02
35-10\tStranger In The Crowd\t3:46
35-11\tThe Next Step Is Love\t3:30
35-12\tBridge Over Troubled Water\t4:03
Elvis Country
36-02\tTomorrow Never Comes\t4:07
36-03\tLittle Cabin On The Hill\t1:59
36-04\tWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On\t3:10
36-05\tFunny How Time Slips Away\t4:32
36-06\tI Really Don't Want To Know\t2:51
36-07\tThere Goes My Everything\t3:10
36-08\tIt's Your Baby, You Rock\t3:04
36-09\tThe Fool\t2:34
36-10\tFaded Love\t3:20
36-11\tI Washed My Hands In Muddy Water\t3:57
36-12\tMake The World Go Away\t3:52
Love Letters From Elvis
37-01\tLove Letters\t2:48
37-02\tWhen I'm Over You\t2:22
37-03\tIf I Were You\t2:56
37-04\tGot My Mojo Working\t5:32
37-05\tHeart Of Rome\t2:51
37-06\tOnly Believe\t2:46
37-07\tThis Is Our Dance\t3:12
37-08\tCindy, Cindy\t2:29
37-09\tI'll Never Know\t2:21
37-10\tIt Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing)\t2:44
The Wonderful World Of Christmas
38-01\tOh Come All Ye Faithful\t2:51
38-02\tThe First Noel\t2:16
38-03\tOn A Snowy Christmas Night\t2:55
38-04\tWinter Wonderland\t2:21
38-05\tThe Wonderful World Of Christmas\t2:02
38-06\tIt Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)\t2:45
38-07\tI'll Be Home On Christmas Day\t1:56
38-08\tIf I Get Home On Christmas Day\t2:55
38-09\tHolly Leaves And Christmas Trees\t2:16
38-10\tMerry Christmas Baby\t5:41
38-11\tSilver Bells\t2:29
38-12\tIf Every Day Was Like Christmas\t2:56
38-13\tI'll Be Home On Christmas Day\t1:56
Elvis Now
39-01\tHelp Me Make It Through The Night\t2:45
39-02\tMiracle Of The Rosary\t1:48
39-03\tHey Jude\t4:30
39-04\tPut Your Hand In The Hand\t3:15
39-05\tUntil, It's Time For You To Go\t3:56
39-06\tWe Can Make The Morning\t3:54
39-07\tEarly Mornin' Rain\t2:55
39-09\tFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)\t2:40
39-10\tI Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago\t3:16
He Touched Me
40-01\tHe Touched Me\t2:37
40-02\tI've Got Confidence\t2:19
40-03\tAmazing Grace\t3:32
40-04\tSeeing Is Believing\t2:51
40-05\tHe Is My Everything\t2:39
40-06\tBosom Of Abraham\t1:31
40-07\tAn Evening Prayer\t1:53
40-08\tLead Me, Guide Me\t2:39
40-09\tThere Is No God But God\t2:18
40-10\tA Thing Called Love\t2:23
40-11\tI, John\t2:14
40-12\tReach Out To Jesus\t3:13
As Recorded At Madison Square Garden
41-01\tIntroduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme From 2001 : A Space Odyssey)\t1:03
41-02\tThat's All Right\t2:14
41-03\tProud Mary\t2:47
41-04\tNever Been To Spain\t3:28
41-05\tYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me\t2:03
41-06\tYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'\t4:11
41-07\tPolk Salad Annie\t2:59
41-08\tLove Me\t1:40
41-09\tI'm All Shook Up\t0:58
41-10\tHeartbreak Hotel\t1:46
41-11\t(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (Medley)\t1:51
41-12\tLove Me Tender\t1:40
41-13\tThe Impossible Dream\t2:36
41-14\tIntroductions By Elvis\t1:35
41-15\tHound Dog\t1:50
41-16\tSuspicious Minds\t4:22
41-17\tFor The Good Times\t3:10
41-18\tAmerican Trilogy\t4:33
41-19\tFunny How Time Slips Away\t2:42
41-20\tI Can't Stop Loving You\t2:43
41-21\tCan't Help Falling In Love\t1:41
41-22\tEnd Theme\t0:55
Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite
42-01\tIntroduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra\t1:10
42-02\tSee See Rider\t2:59
42-03\tBurning Love\t3:10
42-05\tYou Gave Me A Mountain\t3:17
42-06\tSteamroller Blues\t3:04
42-07\tMy Way\t4:00
42-08\tLove Me\t1:59
42-09\tJohnny B. Goode\t1:42
42-10\tIt's Over\t2:11
42-11\tBlue Suede Shoes\t1:13
42-12\tI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry\t2:16
42-13\tI Can't Stop Loving You\t2:27
42-14\tHound Dog\t0:52
42-15\tWhat Now My Love\t3:16
42-17\tWelcome To My World\t1:54
42-18\tSuspicious Minds\t4:31
42-19\tIntroduction By Elvis\t1:37
42-20\tI'll Remember You\t2:31
42-21\tLong Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Medley)\t2:04
42-22\tAmerican Trilogy\t4:34
42-23\tA Big Hunk O' Love\t2:09
42-24\tCan't Help Falling In Love\t2:49
Elvis (The Fool Album)
43-02\tWhere Do I Go From Here\t2:38
43-03\tLove Me, Love The Life I Lead\t3:03
43-04\tIt's Still Here\t2:04
43-05\tIt's Impossible\t2:51
43-06\t(That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me\t2:06
43-08\tI'll Take You Home Again Kathleen\t2:23
43-09\tI Will Be True\t2:30
43-10\tDon't Think Twice, It's All Right\t2:42
Raised On Rock
44-01\tRaised On Rock\t2:39
44-02\tAre You Sincere\t1:58
44-03\tFind Out What's Happening\t2:30
44-04\tI Miss You\t2:12
44-05\tGirl Of Mine\t3:39
44-06\tFor Ol' Times Sake\t3:38
44-07\tIf You Don't Come Back\t2:38
44-08\tJust A Little Bit\t2:30
44-09\tSweet Angeline\t2:58
44-10\tThree Corn Patches\t2:46
Good Times
45-01\tTake Good Care Of Her\t2:50
45-02\tLoving Arms\t2:48
45-03\tI Got A Feelin' In My Body\t3:33
45-04\tIf That Isn't Love\t3:29
45-05\tShe Wears My Ring\t3:12
45-06\tI've Got A Thing About You Baby\t2:20
45-07\tMy Boy\t3:19
45-08\tSpanish Eyes\t2:21
45-09\tTalk About The Good Times\t2:22
45-10\tGood Time Charlie's Got The Blues\t3:09
Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis
46-01\tSee See Rider\t2:55
46-02\tI Got A Woman\t2:48
46-03\tLove Me\t1:28
46-04\tTrying To Get To You\t2:00
46-05\tLong Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Mama Don't Dance / Flip, Flop And Fly / Jailhouse Rock / Hound Dog (Medley)\t3:21
46-06\tWhy Me Lord\t2:34
46-07\tHow Great Thou Art\t3:21
46-08\tBlueberry Hill / I Can't Stop Loving You (Medley)\t2:50
46-09\tHelp Me\t2:30
46-10\tAn American Trilogy\t3:50
46-11\tLet Me Be There\t3:26
46-12\tMy Baby Left Me\t2:18
46-13\tLawdy, Miss Clawdy\t1:54
46-14\tCan't Help Falling In Love\t1:34
46-15\tClosing - Vamp\t0:50
Promised Land
47-01\tPromised Land\t2:51
47-02\tThere's A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In)\t3:01
47-03\tHelp Me\t2:27
47-04\tMr. Songman\t2:07
47-05\tLove Song Of The Year\t3:15
47-06\tIt's Midnight\t3:19
47-07\tYour Love's Been A Long Time Coming\t2:53
47-08\tIf You Talk In Your Sleep\t2:25
47-09\tThinking About You\t3:02
47-10\tYou Asked Me To\t2:51
48-02\tAnd I Love You So\t3:39
48-03\tSusan When She Tried\t2:16
48-04\tWoman Without Love\t3:34
48-05\tShake A Hand\t3:47
48-06\tPieces Of My Life\t4:04
48-08\tI Can Help\t4:03
48-09\tBringin' It Back\t3:00
48-10\tGreen, Green Grass Of Home\t3:35
From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee
49-02\tNever Again\t2:50
49-03\tBlue Eyes Crying In The Rain\t3:41
49-04\tDanny Boy\t3:58
49-05\tThe Last Farewell\t4:03
49-06\tFor The Heart\t3:20
49-07\tBitter They Are, Harder They Fall\t3:16
49-09\tLove Coming 'Down\t3:06
49-10\tI'll Never Fall In Love Again\t3:43
Moody Blue
50-01\tUnchained Melody\t2:32
50-02\tIf You Love Me (Let Me Know)\t2:57
50-03\tLittle Darlin'\t1:52
50-04\tHe'll Have To Go\t4:28
50-05\tLet Me Be There\t3:26
50-06\tWay Down\t2:37
50-07\tPledging My Love\t2:50
50-08\tMoody Blue\t2:49
50-09\tShe Thinks I Still Care\t3:49
50-10\tIt's Easy For You\t3:26

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