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The Gospel According To Elvis 1 DVD 3 CD Set

Published by Elvis CD Collectors Gold in CD · 17/4/2017 18:45:00
Tags: ElvisPresleyGospelCD
The Gospel According To Elvis\t
Label:\t\tWonderland Records
Sound:\t\tSoundboard / good

Track Listing:
CD 1
01\tPeace In The Valley (take 4)\t\t\t \t03:25
02\tMilky White Way (take 3)\t\t\t \t02:33
03\tHe Knows Just What I Need (take 8)\t\t\t \t02:08
04\tKnown Only To Him (take 2)\t\t\t \t01:36
05\tWorking On The uilding (take 2)\t\t\t \t01:52
06\tRun On (take 6)\t\t\t \t02:24
07\tHow Great Thou Art (take 2)\t\t\t \t02:56
08\tStand By Me (take 7)\t\t\t \t02:29
09\tSo High (take 3)\t\t\t \t02:02
10\tBy And By (take 9)\t\t\t \t01:53
11\tSomeboddy Bigger Than You And I (take 12)\t\t\t \t02:27
12\tWithout Him (take 8)\t\t\t \t02:31
13\tIf The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side (take 1)\t\t\t \t01:38
14\tWe Call On Him (take 3)\t\t\t \t02:34
15\tYou'll Never Walk Alone (take 2)\t\t\t \t03:40

\t \t \t \t \t
01\tHe Knows Just What I Need (take 1)\t\t\t \t01:57
02\tMilky White Way (takes 1, 2, 4 & 5)\t\t\t \t03:06
03\tHe Knows Just What I Need (takes 3 & 7)\t\t\t \t03:01
04\tCrying In The Chapel (takes 1, 2 & 3)\t\t\t \t04:38
05\tWorking On The Building (take 1)\t\t\t \t02:01
06\tHe Knows Just What I Need (take 9)\t\t\t \t02:13
07\tSomeboddy Bigger Thean You And I (takes 2, 4 & 11)\t\t\t \t04:21
08\tStand By me (take 3, 4 & 2)\t\t\t \t04:35
09\tRun On (takes 1 & 2)\t\t\t \t04:48
10\tIf The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side (take 4)\t\t\t \t01:43
11\tWhere No Stands Alone (take 3, workparts 1-3)\t\t\t \t05:50
12\tWithout Him (take 1)\t\t\t \t03:04
13\tStand By me (takes 9 & 10)\t\t\t \t04:08
14\t9 Seconds Of Devotional Silence\t\t\t \t00:09
15\tSo High (take 1)\t\t\t \t02:02
16\tFarther Along (takes 1 & 2)\t\t\t \t07:43
17\tBy And By (takes 3 & 4)\t\t\t \t01:44
18\tSomebody Bigger Than You and I (takes 8 & 15)\t\t\t \t02:51
19\tWithout Him (takes 6, 10 & 14)\t\t\t \t02:52
20\tIf The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side (take 6)\t\t\t \t01:50
21\tWe Call On Him (take 2)\t\t\t \t02:39

CD 3
\t \t \t \t \t
01\tI Believe (take 9)\t\t\t \t02:09
02\t(There'll Be) Peace In the Valley (take 9)\t\t\t \t04:46
03\tTake My Hand, Precious Lord (take 14)\t\t\t \t03:21
04\tIt Is No Secret (What God Can Do) (take 13)\t\t\t \t05:15
05\tJust A Closer Walk With Thee (home recording)\t\t\t \t02:16
06\tI Asked The Lord (home recording)\t\t\t \t03:25
07\tHis Hand In Mine (take 4 & 5)\t\t\t \t04:04
08\tI Believe In The Man In The Sky (take 4)\t\t\t \t04:14
09\tHe Knows Just What I Need (take 10)\t\t\t \t05:21
10\tMansion Over The Hilltop (take 3)\t\t\t \t03:12
11\tIn My Father's House (take 8)\t\t\t \t02:35
12\tJoshua Fit the Battle (take 4)\t\t\t \t02:43
13\tSwing Down Sweet Chariot (take 4)\t\t\t \t02:36
14\tI'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (take 1)\t\t\t \t01:55
15\tIf We Never Meet Again (take 1)\t\t\t \t02:02
16\tChrying In The Chapel (take 3)\t\t\t \t04:33
17\tExcerpt from "Elvis Answers Back"\t\t\t \t01:07
\t \t \t \t \t


A documentery with unreleased versions of:
01 How Great Thou Art
02 Piece In The Valley
03 Swing Down Sweet Chariot
04 Where could I Go
05 I John
06 If I Can Dream
07 An American Trilogy
08 Bosom Of Abraham
09 You Gave Me A Mountain
10 In The Ghetto
11. Put Your Hand In The Hand
12 Bridge Over Troubled Water
13 It Is No Secret
14 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
15 He Touched Me
16 Mansion Over The Hilltop
17  Saved
18 I Believe In The Man In The Sky
19 Father Along
20 I´ll Remember You
21 Why Me Lord
22 Where No One Stands Alone
23 Somebody Bigger Than You And I
24 Take Me Hand Precious Lord
25 Without Him
26 Up Above My Head
27 In The Garden
28 You´ll Never Walk Alone
29 Sweet Sweet Spirit
30 His hand In Mine
31 Amazing Grace
32 Stand By Me

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