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60th Anniversary Edition Roustabout CD

Published by Elvis CD Collectors Gold in CD · 4/6/2024 09:12:00
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60th Anniversary Edition Roustabout
Label: Infinity Records

Infinity Records is ready to celebrate the 60th anniversary release of Elvis' 16th motion picture, "Roustabout," with a brand new 2-CD set. The album was recorded between March 2nd and May 14th. This would mark the third film released in 1964 and went on to reach No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, making it the last Elvis album to do so until 1973's "Aloha From Hawaii."

This release includes newly mixed stereo masters, mono masters, outtakes, movie versions, rare radio promos, and a brief message to fans in the U.K. Fans can expect great renditions of tracks like "Roustabout," "One Track Heart," "Hard Knocks," "It's A Wonderful World," which was considered for an Oscar nomination, along with other classics from the soundtrack.

Disc 1: Stereo Masters & Outtakes

01. Little Egypt (Record Master)
02. Poison Ivy League
03. Hard Knocks (Record Master)
04. It's A Wonderful World
05. Big Love, Big Heartache
06. One Track Heart
07. I'm A Roustabout
08. Carny Town
09. There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon
10. Wheels On My Heels
11. Roustabout
12. Little Egypt (Movie Master)
13. Hard Knocks (Movie Master)
14. It's Carnival Time (Record Master)
15. Roustabout (Vocal Overdubs, Take 1-6)
16. Hard Knocks (Dubdown Track for Vocal Overdub)
17. It's A Wonderful World (Instrumental - Take 17)
18. Roustabout (Takes 7, 8)
19. Roustabout (Take 9)
20. Roustabout (Takes 10 - 12)
21. Carny Town (Unedited Master)
22. It's Carnival Time (Movie Master)
23. Roustabout (Take 13)
24. Roustabout (Takes 14-16)
25. Radio Spots

Disc 2 - Mono Masters, Film Versions & More

01. Roustabout
02. Little Egypt
03. Poison Ivy League
04. Hard Knocks
05. It's A Wonderful World
06. Big Love, Big Heartache
07. One Track Heart
08. It's Carnival Time
09. Carny Town
10. There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon
11. Wheels On My Heels
12. I'm A Roustabout
13. Roustabout (Film Version)
14. Poison Ivy League (Film Version)
15. Wheels On My Heels (Film Version)
16. It's A Wonderful World (Film Version)
17. It's Carnival Time #1 (Film Version)
18. Carny Town (Film Version)
19. One Track Heart (Film Version)
20. It's Carnival Time #2 (Film Version)
21. Hard Knocks (Film Version)
22. Little Egypt (Film Version)
23. Big Heart, Big Heartache (Film Version)
24. There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon (Film Version)
25. End Credit Instrumental
26. Elvis Says Hello To U.K. Fans (April 26, 1964)

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