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Elvis Presley Christmas DVD - Santa Claus Is Back In Town

It’s the most wonderful time…. Of the year!

Yes it’s Christmas time pretty baby, and STAR delivers at your home!

8 years ago, STAR surprised the Elvis fans with an excellent christmas set, It included 3 cds and 1 dvd with some great seasonal edits, undone before, it’s still a classic, only downside was due to inclusion of Gospel songs, you didn’t get the real “Christmassy feeling” .

NOW for the first time a “Christmas only” release is out!
Inluding 28 tracks, with over 20 “brandnew” edits!!

Presented in a “DELUXE DIGIPACK” which matches the artwork of Elvis first Christmas Album this promises to be another winner!

All new clips are presented in “WIDESCREEN”

But that’s not all… It’s Christmas so, just like in 1957, a 12 page booklet with 9 full color photos is included as a gift!

Santa Claus is Back in Town - 1957 audio matched with footage from 68, 70 and home movies, great starter!

It Won’t Seem Like Christmas (without you) ) - Every year Graceland starts of the season with the annual lighting of the property, they inside of the house is also decorated for the Christmas season, this footage is used for this clip.

Blue Christmas (2008 duet version) One of the many highlights of the dvd, it uses audio from the version as released on the cd “Christmas Duets” (1957 version)

This new clip featuring Martina McBride is completely re-done, new Elvis segments are included and “snow” is falling.. The way the “instrumental” segment was edited is pure magic once more!

Santa Bring My Baby Back – New approach to this one, footage from “Return To Sender” is matched to make a funny clip, using a filter as if Elvis was filmed inside a “Christmas ornament”. (the “old” version as released on the 2007 release is also included )

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful – Official clip which was made for the duet with Susan Boyle… audio is improved.

Winter Wonderland – 2008 remix version, Elvis and friends having fun in the snow, riding snowmobiles.

The Wonderful World of Christmas – Great footage of Graceland in the snow, very rare!

On A Snowy Christmas Night – Done like the 2007 version, quality of the footage is improved a lot though!
Santa Claus is Back in Town – 1970 Rehearsal – Improved footage, more Elvis then on the TTWII –SE version

Merry Christmas Baby – 8 minute!! version , just like the “This is Elvis” version its shows Vernon and Gladys riding different cars of their famous son… who is filming this? Looking at Gladys, it’s probably Elvis himself! Lots of rare footage from the fifties is included here!

I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day (Remake) – One of the many Elvis mysterious, not satisfied with the May version, Elvis did a new attempt in July, creating an excellent version…. but the May version was released on the 1971 album…. back to the clip, typical STAR edits, creating a “story” of Elvis wanting to go back to the good days….very rare footage is used, and edits to try to match it all really work again.

Here Comes Santa Claus – Taken from “The Definitive Christmas Collection” , still nice to watch these great edits.

The First Noel – This is the only “non Elvis” clip, here pictures tell the story of… “The First Noel” ..

Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees (take 3) – Again, STAR makes this clip all about Lisa Marie, and with the footage it makes sense, and we all can relate to it… what’s Christmas without the ones you love….this alternate version, makes it even sadder, cause it is so pure.

Santa Claus is Back in Town/Blue Christmas – 1968 “second sit down” versions, edited in “widescreen” … boy he looks great!

If Every Day Was Like Christmas – Also unbeatable, so the 2007 version is included here, still works pretty good, and with some fantasy… it’s looks like he’s singing it for real!

White Christmas – WOW! This is a new approach! An “all star” cast included here, to “lip synch” to Elvis version of this all time Christmas classic! Tom Jones, Wynonna Judd, Macaulay Culkin, Pavarotti, Bette Midler, Lady Gaga, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Jerry Lee Lewis and more are all included in this excellent clip. “Do you think it is good enough for a record?” It sure is!... then lets go!

Silent Night – nice “Christmas” pics make a good clip.

Blue Christmas 1977 version – Although not in the best shape, Elvis still tries to make a good performance, and Charlie… well he’s being Charlie….

Auld Lang Syne – Elvis on New Year's Eve in Pittsburgh, How sad to see this while we know “the end is near”

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Starting of with Elvis’christmas message we get to see lots of rare footage of the army years.


Merry Christmas Baby – recently released on “This is Elvis”

Blue Christmas – this “first sit down” version is much shorter, but could not be left out on this release.

Santa Bring My Baby Back/ Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees/White Christmas – three clips from the 2007 release are included here as well.

The “Making” of Christmas Duets – All the stars from the 2008 are shown while doing their vocals with Elvis, we also see how the “Blue Christmas” clip was made.

Blue Christmas – duet version (1968 version) – The official clip, just enough space for Martina to “blend in” …
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