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Elvis -The Alternate 1969 Recordings

Published by Elvis CD Collectors Gold in CD · 2/3/2021 18:50:00
Tags: Elvis1969CDAlternatePresley
Elvis -The Alternate 1969 Recordings is a great collection of alternate recordings from Elvis' legendary Memphis recording sessions at the American Sound Studio in 1969 + an alternate version of 'Let Us Pray' with unique backing vocals recorded for Universal's movie 'Change Of Habit'. This cd features over 20 rare tracks officially unreleased + 4 Bonus Tracks taken from acetates. Elvis -The Alternate 1969 Recordings is a nice addition to Elvis Presley - American Sound 1969, a 5 disc set from Elvis' official record company.
This cd contains the complete unedited take 5 of 'True Love Travels On A Gravel Road' with Elvis singing 'Streets paved with fucking gold', unedited takes of 'Any Day Now' and more... Some of the acetate recordings used for this album are badly damaged. We've included them as a special bonus. These acetate recordings are rare and very hard to find. Some of these recordings are previously unreleased on cd until now.

01. After Loving You (take 1) 1:34
02. Rubberneckin' (take 1 / unedited) 1:29
03. Rubberneckin' (backup vocals overdubbed to January 21 master / partial backing vocals) 2:14
04. I'm Movin' On (band & brass overdubs after backup vocal overdubs / unrepaired vocals) 3:00
05. Inherit The Wind (unused composite master) 3:03
06. Suspicious Minds (harmony vocal overdub by Elvis) 3:22
07. Don't Cry Daddy (undubbed master / acetate recording) 2:54
08. Any Day Now (take 1 & 2 / unedited) 6:23
09. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (take 5 / unedited) 4:15
10. Mama Liked The Roses (undubbed master / acetate recording) 2:46
11. In The Ghetto (part of take 12) 0:11
12. In The Ghetto (backup vocals overdubbed to take 22 / unrepaired vocals) 2:50
13. Inherit The Wind (vocal overdub - V.O.2 / string overdubs on May 5 / not used) 3:26
14. Any Day Now (take 3 / unedited) 6:12
15. Any Day Now (take 4 / unedited) 6:50
16. From A Jack To A King (backup vocals overdubbed to January 22 master / unrepaired master) 2:22
17. This Is The Story (backup vocal overdub on January 24) 2:30
18. Wearin' That Loved On Look (unused composite master) 2:43
19. Poor Man's Gold (instrumental track) 2:52
20. Poor Man's Gold (vocal attempt) 0:12
21. Let Us Pray (backup vocal overdub on March 26 / not used) 2:59

Bonus Tracks

22. Power Of My Love (harmony vocal overdub by Elvis on February 22 / incomplete) 1:14
23. Do You Know Who I Am (harmony vocal overdubbed after vocal repair) 2;58
24. Mama Liked The Roses (strings overdubbed, after brass overdubs) 2:32
25. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (harmony vocal overdub by Elvis on February 22) 2:26

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