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Raised On Rock I´ve Got Rythnm In My Sould 2 CD FTD

Published by Elvis CD Collectors Gold in CD · 11/2/2023 19:10:00
Tags: RaisedOnRockI´veGotRythnmInMySould2CDFTD
Raised On Rock I´ve Got Rythnm In My Sould 2 CD
Label: FTD
Digital transfer Vinyl to CD

Seite A:
Find Out What’s Happening (Rough Mix) - For Ol’ Times Sake (Rough Mix) - Raised On Rock (Rough Mix) - I Miss You (Take 1) - If You Don’t Come Back (Rough Mix) - Are You Sincere (Master) - The Wonders You Perform (Backing Track)

Seite B:
Just A Little Bit (Rough Mix) - Three Corn Patches (Rough Mix) - Girl Of Mine (Take 3, 4, 5 & 6) - Find Out What’s Happening (Takes 2,4 & 5) Sweet Angeline (Backing Track)

Seite C:
Are You Sincere (Take 1) - If You Don’t Come Back (Take 5) - For Ol’ Times Sake (Take 4) - Find Out What’s Happening (Take 8) - Color My Rainbow (Backing Track)

Seite D:
Sweet Angeline (Master) - Just A Little Bit (Master) - I Miss You (Take 5) - Raised On Rock (Master) - Girl Of Mine (Take 9) - It’s Diff’rent Now (Rehearsal) - Good, Bad But Beautiful (Backing Track)

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