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The Wonder Of You STAR DVD With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Published by Elvis DVD Gold in DVD · 4/4/2017 07:58:00
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When no one else can understand you.... when everything you do is wrong....
HE gives you and consolation, HE gives you strength to carry on...

Lots of fans were suprised by last years “If I Can Dream” release, already considered to be one of the best STAR releases ever, mainly because the new inventive approach they did on lots of the tracks, making them more “alive” then ever.
The STAR team was overloaded this year with request of doing this follow up, and now it is ready to blow you away!
This amazing set includes 16 tracks, edited to perfection.
Presented in glorious “Black and White” to obtain the same “feel” as the first edition.
Again some “split screen” clips are used for a more “story telling” experience.
Again, highlights are hard to pick, since all tracks are very fitting and stand on there own.
We will name a few though:

The first sounds of the orchestra sound like “panic” , what’s happening....
Elvis is on his way, THATS whats happening! Incredible scenes “help” Elvis to get on stage, and bursting into this rocking song, footage of both Elvis and the Orchestra are included.

Nice little clip of this 1957 song, Elvis was 22 when he recorded this, (sorry Cilla) and did a nice rehearsal version in 1970, which is used here, along with some “funny” moment of the same period.


What a great opening was included on this track.... sounds familar doesn’t it..?
The opening (bass) bars of the 1957 “Baby I Don’t Care” were recreated, and every fan, immediatly is reminded of this great song.. i bet some even “see” Elvis opening his arms at the pool in the great “Jailhouse Rock” scene...
The STAR team took this to the next level, and used that actual footage, to make an outstanding modern clip. Elvis can’t get this girl out of his head, he has “A thing” for “Judy Tyler”... great clip, including trumpets ...watch the moves!


Elvis takes his “package” of “Love Letters” jumps on the bed, and starts reading... lyrics fly around as if we are “in his head” Nice little romantic clip, proofs once again STAR can make something... out of nothing....


Must be the fifth (at least!) version STAR has done, we all remember the “Viva Elvis” version, were lots of footage (even fifties footage!) was used to tell the story....
This time, we get a very different approach... or maybe not, cause this REALLY tells the story of the song, and finally the “fairytale” Priscilla loves to tell, is being shown as it happened, she did divorce him, maybe someone needs to tell her....


Wow.. how did this happen.??... this is the story as he sings it... well almost...
Great edits of lots and lots (and lots) of Elvis movies are included here, starting with a scene where he actually “reaches out, and finds her gone” in the end it is all a bad dream ....
You really get the feeling he is “Searching” for this girl that left him.... and there is lots of
(Kentucky) RAIN! Rated: 10 out of 10!!


Very unusual version this time, different angles and rehearsal footage used here, some not from the actual song, but it al works out just fine. When seeing this you can’t help but thinking it is almost new footage presented.


“Gonna learn to forget you” ... Elvis picks up the pieces left behind him...
Little sad clip but nice to see him in “karate” action and looking back on his failed marriage...


Elvis luck in Love was not on his side... A tribute to Linda Thompson is presented...
Hoping “This time the girl is gonna stay” we see nice pics of Linda and Elvis, this song fits the footage very well, including rare live performances, and even some backstage.


Like “The Wonder of You” this really is about Elvis and his fans, showing rare footage and cool edits, of the love from our man to us and back.
“Each time we meet love, i find complete love” wherever he goes, there are fans, whenever fans visit his houses, there is Elvis... NOW AND FOREVER.. LET IT BE ELVIS!!

The Wonder Of You 17 Track Deluxe CD

Published by Elvis CD Collectors Gold in CD · 3/12/2016 04:43:00
Tags: TheWonderOfYou17TrackDeluxeCDElvis
DELUXE Box-Set of 'The Wonder Of You: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra', that includes a special 17 track CD.

Elvis The Wonder Of You CD With Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Published by Elvis CD Collectors Gold in CD · 5/11/2016 09:49:00
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That's The Wonder, The Wonder Of You 4 CD Box-Set

Published by Elvis CD Collectors Gold in CD · 24/2/2016 13:26:00
Tags: That'sTheWonderTheWonderOfYou4CDBoxSetElvisBootleg
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